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Monday, August 15, 2016

Global Economic Amnesty by Mark Lipman

   8.5 x 5.5, 98 pages, $12 (plus shipping)

An amazing collection of thought provoking work, Global Economic Amnesty, examines the economic system of capitalism and how it has led to great social injustice and economic disparity we face today, while at the same time presenting solutions to a more co-operative economic path for society. A powerful, must read collection of essays that will redefine what is possible. 

“The idea of debt forgiveness is very much on the agenda. I think some form of debt forgiveness is a good idea and has been for a long time. Jubilee 2000, for example, called for forgiving “odious debt,” a technical notion introduced into international law by the US when it didn’t want to pay Cuba’s debt to Spain after taking Cuba over. And the notion is correct: debt imposed on a population who didn’t incur the debt; rather dictators did. A pretty natural interpretation of that notion would eliminate quite a lot of debt. And there are other cases. But the groundwork has to be laid. There has to be broad general understanding of the meaning, the justification, and the likely consequences – which are complex. Closing the banks, for example, would pretty much destroy the society as it now stands. That’s a long project. Thanks for your thoughts.” ~ Noam Chomsky.

“Lipman’s style is breezy, conversational, and engaging as he indicts runaway capitalism. He inspires us to think more deeply about economic engines, the power of community, and the need to reassess the importance of time and happiness over profit and plunder. I give this book an A+.” ~ Marcy Winograd, Economics Teacher and Three-Time Congressional Candidate.

“The ideas in this document are truly revolutionary.” ~ Alex Pausides, Director, International Poetry Festival of Havana, Cuba.


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